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Client Speak
Have a peek at what people have said:

personal organizing

"Working with Erika was such a pleasure. She was unbelievably motivating. Not only did she delve into the tasks and work very expeditiously, but that transferred to motivating me to want to continue. Each and every visit I was enthusiastic to keep up the good work."

"As a result of years of having no time, it seemed, to keep things organized, it had all piled up and reached overwhelming proportions. Erika came in and totally cleared all the clutter and began with a fresh slate. This enabled me to see the ultimate end result and understand what needs to go into deciding how and what to put where. And I have found it so easy to keep things in the spaces we made for them after everything had a place."
~ A. Mann, Systems Analyst
~ Oxford, MA

"I moved into a new house a couple years ago and kept it tidy by dumping everything in the closets. This proved to be a poor long-term plan. At the point where I was ducking every time I opened a door, I knew I needed help. Erika combined an intuitive ability to visualize order out of chaos with an indefatigability that saw even large projects through to completion. She helped me get things organized in a lasting way, and she was able to work flexibly around a demanding schedule. Amazing!!!"
~ Jonathan Zittrain, Law Professor
~ Cambridge, MA

"I am realizing these days that 'time' kind of walks beside you always. That is why I consider what Erika does so helpful to people like me. Her work enables me to 'free up' my life so that I can have time to meditate and think about the important things and people in my life."
~ JM, Returning-to-the-Work-Force Mother of Three
~ Needham, MA

"I worked with Erika Salloux for approximately one year on a weekly basis. She has assisted me in de-cluttering, re-organizing, and re-decorating my home. Erika has been, and continues to be, very effective in helping me transform my house. She is professional, energetic, and full of ideas."

"As a direct result of Erika's support, I now look forward to being in my home. The organizational systems she put in place mean that I can find things easily and quickly. The decorating suggestions she made have made my house more inviting and appealing. I am indebted to her and to the changes she helped me implement. I recommend her without hesitation. Through my work with her, I LOVE de-cluttering, re-organizing, and releasing bad karma."
~ Laura Vincent, Musician/Life Coach
~ Bedford, MA

"Thanks for all of your work last week. I really learned a lot and am motivated to keep it up! I look in that nice clean closet each day and feel much more 'in control.' I like that feeling! Can we work on my bedroom next time?."
~ D. Silvia, Mother of Three
~ Middletown, RI

business organizing:

"I am an official pack rat working in a 4' x 8' cubicle that was cluttered with so much stuff. In order for me to find one particular file I often had to search through tons of them. I had stacks and stacks of newspapers I collect for informational purposes. My intention is always to get the information I need and then recycle them. But I don't get the time. In just three hours Erika taught me a great deal and reorganized my entire office so that it finally makes sense! I can actually find files now. I can see my desk. I can find a pen or whatever else I need. And I have 30 co-workers whom will gladly vouch for how my office looked before and how it now looks after Erika's assistance. She is the talk of my company! Everyone said she helped me in a big way."
~ Dawn C. Owens, Account Executive
~ Waltham, MA

"Hiring Erika to create some 'Living Harmony' in my office is the best gift I have given myself in a long time. Her energy, her astute assessment of all that needed to be done, her ability to teach as she works, and her capacity to take into consideration the needs of the individual are amazing. After one three hour session, I already felt better energy when I walked in my office. I looked forward to the purging process and then the sense of new life. And I know it will carry over to my writing."
~ Nancy K., Psychologist/Author
~ Belmont, MA

"Erika is a rocking pro, so much more than 'just an organizer,' and a wealth of knowledge. She's fun and comprehensive too. Follow-up sessions are a must. Hold tight: major miracles are comin' when you work with Erika"
~ Susan C. Guild, Author/Presenter
~ Winchester, MA

"Working with Erika was a joyful, exhausting experience. She helped me get thirty years of creative output into a wonderful working studio environment. Now the creative process is not hampered with wondering where the reference materials and the art supplies are hiding"
~ Rev. B. Comeau, Minister/Artist/Musician
~ Cranston, RI

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