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Harmony Tips
Goodbye basket
How many times have you been driving past the dry cleaner and realized that the clothes you wanted to drop off there are at home somewhere? Or how often have you searched about your place for those markers you've decided to return to the store? Well, here's a wonderful solution for all those items strewn about your home that need to go out the door. Strategically locate a basket that is about waist high near the exit you use the most. Then work on getting into the habit of immediately placing into it anything that eventually needs to depart with you. Library books, wrapped gifts, clothes to be tailored, and party plates left at your house by guests are all traveling companions that can tossed in there. It's like a "to do" file for your out-of-home life. Now, one of the keys to the success of this new system is to remember to have a glimpse in the basket each time you leave your home, and ask yourself what things in there could go with you. So go easy on yourself, and don't expect 100% remembrance rate right off the bat. You'll get used to it in time, especially as you come to realize how this simple basket will reduce the stress of searching all over the place at the last minute.
An organized hallway
Aretha Franklin's Request
Call to mind the Lady Soul singing out "just a little bit . . . just a little bit" when organizing your desk. You only need one of most items (one pair of scissors, one hole punch, one pencil sharpener), or a small amount of other supplies, (rubber bands, pens, highlighters) at your desk. Store the rest of your stash in a bin in your closet. And next time you run out of paperclips go check out that place before dashing off to the store to buy more. This keeps your desk clutter free.

Email me if you have invented your own helpful organizing solution. I always like to hear about your creative victories.
An organized desk
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